Our Removal Specialists began their day like any other, bright and early!

Their job of the day was a BIG one. Starting at our depot in Kinsley, near Pontefract, West Yorkshire, they began their drive to Doncaster, South Yorkshire to be greeted by a friendly returning customer.

Our specialised removal and storage vehicle pulled up outside the customer’s home and the customised storage doors were opened safely to reveal the 2 empty storage containers inside. The Removal Specialists got to work straight away.

First they had to safely and securely pack away all the customers belongings into removal cartons that were to undertake a specialised packing service as requested. These removal cartons were then carefully loaded into our empty storage containers in the back of the removal vehicle.  The customer checked through the inventory that the Removal Specialists had created for the job and was satisfied with how everything was expertly packed and loaded.

The removal vehicle and crew began their drive back to base after their 12 hour day at the customers in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

The removal vehicle arrived safely back at our customised storage depot, where the forklifts began their work of removing the now full storage containers.

The storage containers were taken into the specialised storage facility and stored away in the assigned location. Our hard working removal men made sure that everything was secure and locked up for the day, completing their security checks, setting the alarm, leaving the premises in the hands of our CCTV and Redcare alarm system.

ANOTHER job well done, ANOTHER returning customer satisfied and ANOTHER great day of work all round for The Shires Removal Group!